Saturday, October 30, 2010

Too Much Time

Due to an operation on my foot, I've been forced to spend more time than usual on the couch (and that's a lot). It's amazing how little quality television there is. It seems the more channels we have to choose from, the lower the quality of programming.

Is it really that hard? shouldn't someone be able to put together a channel with the best shows in the history of television? Why is it every station has one or two hours of good programming and spend the rest o the day airing crap?

Shouldn't someone be able to go down the list of the best television programs of all time base on ratings and program a full day of nothing but the best? There is plenty of material to choose from. There could be a station from each genre; drama, comedy, mystery, etc. Hey, why not throw in a classic movie once in a while. That could kill a couple of hours.

Thank goodness for Netflix and On Demand. It's the closest I can get to programming my own channel.

There's another good idea. If web sites like Pandora can program music stations to suit your tastes, why can't there be a television station that can run programs based on your likes and dislikes?

Unfortunately. I'm usually to busy to care about a full day of television viewing. But, in this economy, I'm sure there are plenty of people who could benefit from these ideas. And, who knows, maybe someone sitting at home could develop these ideas into a form of income.

Look at that. I've not only improved television viewing, but I've single handedly saved the economy (well, maybe created one job).

So, if anyone would like to work on this please feel free. And, if it works, I'm not looking for credit, but maybe send a free subscription my way.

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